Our "Extra Fine" cheese spreads are made with creamy organic cow's milk, a little culture and a few drops of non-gmo, microbial rennet. Made with heat-treated milk, this is not a raw milk cheese. Once the base cheese is made, fresh herbs or seasonal fruit are added. All ingredients are grown organically. Our spreads come in a variety of flavors: 

Basil Garlic Scape

Lemon Thyme

Garlic Chive

Rhubarb Ginger

Honey Sage

Za'atar Garlic

Pepper Jam

Blueberry Mint


Our original blue cheese was dreamed up as a cross between a brie and a blue. A natural blue rind on the outside and a silky smooth and bold interior with veins and pockets of delicious blue cheese! Made with RAW organic cow's milk and organic veal rennet. Aged a minimum of 60 days. Hullabaloo comes in full wheels (about 5 lbs.) and mini Baloos are small rounds, usually about 1/3 lb. 


As the days grow shorter and cooler, we begin to crave heavier, more dense cheeses. Hibernation is the answer for the cold winter months in Maine! A buttery, Dutch style cheese made plain and with sage- infused milk. Made with RAW organic cow's milk and organic veal rennet. Aged a minimum of 60 days. Hibernation is available only between the holiday season and the end of March. 


*Pairs well with charcuterie and makes amazing homemade mac and cheese! 


Made from the abundant cream of the Jersey cow's milk, our creme fraiche is wonderfully rich. Delicious with jam or fruit or try a dollop in your soup! You can find it at our farmers' markets and at Fresh off the Farm in Rockport, Maine. 


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