Our own bottled, raw goat's milk will be available beginning in May, 2016!


We have a young, but growing herd of dairy goats here at the Imagine Dairy. Mostly Nubian with some Oberhasli in the mix. Our goats are fed with organic grains, local hay and over 20 acres of pasture and browse on our land. Their milk is sweet and delicious! Never "goaty" or "barny." If you've never tried goat's milk before, treat yourself to Imagine Dairy Goat's milk! If you have tried goat's milk before and didn't particularly enjoy it, please don't let that keep you from trying our rich, delicious goat's milk. We promise, you will be pleasantly surprised!  


We bottle our milk in plastic quart and half gallon jugs.

*Glass mason jars by request only.


Quarts: $4.50 

Half Gallons: $8.00


Our goats milk will be available May 1, 2016!  We will have a limited amount as we are only milking 7 goats this year. If you are looking for a steady supply, please contact us through our Contact Page above!  We will be offering a limited number of weekly dairy shares that you can build to suit your needs. 


Otherwise, you can find our milk at our farm in Warren and at our farmers' markets: 

Camden - Saturdays (May - Nov)

Damariscotta - Mondays (June - Sept)


We are proud to be a state-licensed dairy and work closely with our state dairy inspector to meet quality standards set by the state of Maine.