There are many important aspects to farming, but for us, our animal's health and the quality of our cheeses are top priority. We invite you to see and taste the difference! 

The Imagine Dairy Farm is co-operated by Arlene Brokaw and Russell O'Bryan. The farm is situated on 40 beautiful acres in Warren, Maine --owned by Jon and Erica Crane. About 10 acres are open pasture and the rest is a mix of woods and blueberry fields. Arlene and Russ moved to the farm in 2013 just before winter with their 3 young goats and have grown the herd to 12 as of January, 2016. Russell has raised a small flock of lambs for the past two summers. Arlene grows an herb garden to supply herbs for her fresh cheeses. 


Before starting the Imagine Dairy, Arlene apprenticed for 4 seasons with Scott Belanger and Jennifer Maeverde of Olde Oak Farm in Maxfield, Maine. Russell apprenticed with Perry Ells' sheep dairy and Caitlin Hunter at Appleton Creamery. Both Arlene and Russell are grateful to have participated in MOFGA's Journey Person Program, which provided invaluable access to knowledge and support from the community. To find out more about MOFGA's apprenticeship program, click the logo to the left. 

The Imagine Dairy is a state-licensed goat dairy. Fresh, raw goat's milk will be available by the quart and the half gallon beginning in May, 2016. The goats are milked by hand in the barn and the milk is double filtered before being bottled or made into yogurt in our milk room. We encourage farm visits and questions about our milking practices. We believe that our goat's milk is just as sweet and delicious as any cow's milk you've tried. 

The Imagine Dairy herd is made up of pure-bred Nubians and mixed-breed Nubian/Oberhasli or as Arlene likes to call them, "Nuberhasli." Arlene chose a mixed-breed herd for a wider range of genetics (hybrid vigor) for healthier animals. During the day, the goats have access to free-range pasture. They are fed with local hay and organic grains. Every April, we welcome more goat babies (kids) into our herd. Check out our gallery page for pictures and stop by the farm for snuggles!